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Create a feed

Here you can create a feed for your chatroom or any RSS feed reader

you'll be creating an RSS feed url that start with followed by the path /hnq/ and ends with the selection of the site or sites. Start with an so called operation character, followed by (part of) the url of the site for the operation there are three operators that can be prepended to the url to search for:

  • + To include the sites that match
  • - To exclude the sites that match
  • = To achieve an exact match

You can combine multiple operators from one feed, remember you don't need the whole server name.

For example a feed for Super User and Server Fault you would use +superuser+serverfault

A feed for all sites that end with cs but not electronics the url would end in +cs-electronics

A feed for an exact match on you would use

Or use a filter +?filter=(display_score gt 50) or (answer_count gt 10)

Tip: You can test your feed by pasting the whole url in the addressbar of your browser. See the examples below in Ready made Feeds

For creating a feed that is not based on sites but on other criteria you can create your own filter. A filter gets applied after the site selection. You can use a single + to inlude all sites.

A filter is added as a query parameter named filter and is followed by an expression. In the expression values and fields can be compared with several operators and/or functions

This are the operators / functions / logic

  1. eq Equals
  2. ne not equals
  3. gt Greater than
  4. gte Greater than or equals
  5. lt Less than
  6. lte Less than or equals
  7. not negate
  8. contains
  9. and both expressions need to true
  10. or one of the expressions is true

Use paranthesis to group expressions. For example (display_score gt 50) and (answer_count lt 3). String values go between single quotes tags contains 'number'

The following fields are available: site; tags; display_score; answer_count; title; user_name; question_id; icon_url; creation_date

Try the url in the address bar of your browser first and copy the url once you have result. This is to prevent encoding problems

If you have included/excluded all you need and created the complete RSS feed url you setup your chatroom:

  1. Goto the info page of your chatroom
  2. Click on the Feeds tab
  3. Scroll to the Add a new feed section
  4. Clickin the textbox after New feed items from the URL
  5. Paste your url in the textbox
  6. Select how you want to feed items to appear
  7. Click add this feed

Refer to this screenshot in case something is unclear

You're all set now.

Ready made feeds

Here are some read-to-go examples for Hot Network Questions from around the Stack Exchange Network, including Stack Overflow

Ask Ubuntu


Try it here
The English sites


Try it here
Not Stack Exchange


Try it here


Try it here
Exact match


Try it here
Advanced Filter

/hnq/+?filter=(display_score gt 50) or (answer_count gt 10)

Try it here
To feed the curious

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